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salary negotiator | podcast host | cheerleader for women 

Welcome, I'm thrilled you are here!  I am a San Francisco Bay Area native, boomeranging back to San Francisco after college in Maryland and grad school in England. 

I live in San Francisco, and I pride myself on helping friends negotiate the salaries they deserve and colleagues negotiate proposals for the deal they've been trying to close all quarter. So salaries, I gotchu.  Check out the "Career Cheerleader" page for ways I can help you at all stages of your job search. 

Career growth is super important to me, which is why I love helping others in theirs.  I'm in an interesting spot too, been working in pricing and deals for several years and have met such inspirational women who are a few years or steps ahead of me in their careers.  I've had tons of conversations with them who have had great advice for me, so I decided to launch a podcast to bring their stories to the masses! Check out "The Podcast" page for a sneak peak before it launches March 6th.

Season 1 of the Podcast is live!

Women Just Like You is a career advice podcast for women in the middle of their careers from women in the middle of theirs, available everywhere you listen to podcasts.  Stay up to date by following @audreythecareerwoman on Instagram and by signing up to email (monthly career development recommendations and notifications when podcast episodes drop!)

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